12 week challenge

Have you been thinking about losing weight for a while now but just need a little bit of a push to get you started? Want to tone up your body? Now is the time to get your 12 week challenge Membership so you too can get the fantastic results!

  • Constant support through the 12 week challenge with our guidance
  • Initial personalized training and computerized program
  • The most experience and best qualified personal trainers to get results
  • Personally designed exercise program to stimulate metabolism, burn excess calories and body fat, increase fitness shape and tone.
  • Consultation to determine achievable goals, record weight, skin-folds, measurements.
  • Includes motivational and functional literature and on-going support and review.
  • Nutrition and diet program to speed up metabolic rate and encourage health lifestyle habits and sustainable weight loss.
  • 12 week membership at Southbound with unlimited access to gym, and variety of group fitness classes to keep you motivated in a friendly positive

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