Eileena Muraca

Eileena is a personal trainer and Therapeutic  Receptionist . Originally from Canada Eileena competed in mountain bike riding and aerobics. She enjoys skiing and all things outdoors with a fantastic philosophy towards fitness encouraging everybody to work towards there fitness goals. Eileena’s new Panatta Racewalker classes are packed with fun motivation and great music that will have you inspired to come back for more and more. Her dynamic personality is so vibrant and full of life which is exactly what you will experience in her classes. Having travelled extensively overseas working at a lot of gyms she is now back to sculpt he body on the new Panatta race walker. If you see her around the gym, make sure you ask about it!

Contact number 8387 3433


  • Accredited Panatta Racewalker Instructor
  • Accredited Rpm & Spin instructor
  • Qualified Personal trainer
  • Competitive mountain bike rider
  • Competitive downhill skier