Jacqui Doherty

Jacqui Doherty

Instructor Jacqui is southbound’s group exercise senior leader having 18 years experience in all different classes and personal training and is a mother and also a grand mother. She has many years of experience in martial arts and self defence and is the reason why that that she specialises in group classes such as Kardio Kickboxing, Spin, Circuit and Barblast. Her Dynamic and wonderful personality keeps you motivated through her detailed classes which you will enjoy as she makes the classes she teaches every time while enjoying the health and fitness benefits. Jacqui has a black belt in Martial arts and enjoys walking the dog working out and relaxing in the pool.

Contact Number: 8387 3433


  • Black Belt in Martial arts
  • Specialised Instructor for Spin
  • Specialised Instructor for Bar Blast(CPT)
  • Specialised Instructor for Circuit
  • Specialised Instructor for Kardio Kickboxing