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8 weeks 8 positions sign up now for an intense 8 week program that is designed to take you and your physique to a whole new level .
As the saying goes “If you want to look like a fighter you have to train like one “

If you want to achieve the athletic physique of a fighter along with the cardio vascular fitness of one then this is the program you’ve been looking for
Each hour session you will be put through your paces via a combination of high intense cardio coupled with bag and focus pad drills in the same fashion to that of a professional boxer! Guaranteed to test not only your strength and endurance but your mental toughness and focus!
So if your lacking motivation and looking to test yourself and take your training to the next level call or come into the gym now to book and secure your spot.

Class positions are limited to 10 people so book fast, cost is $100 per person.


  • Program Starts 16/02/18
  • 8 week program
  • 6PM Fridays
  • 1 hour session
  • $100 cost per person

Contact us today to secure your spot in this class.